What do you call something that is significantly larger and more life-consuming than an obsession? Because this is my relationship with the Olympics.


No. Love is not enough. It's so much more than that.

I want to watch them all the time. And while I am watching them, I want to Google every athlete and learn more about their personal life and read their Tweets. And I want to set the swimming, gymnastics and track & field rosters as my home page so I can automatically open them and creep on the people.

I love that Americans everywhere unite - Democrats and Republicans, southerners, northerners, grown ups and kiddos - everyone! It's like the patriotic happiness of the Fourth of July for three full weeks.

And not just that. I love that people all over the world come together to rally around their countries. All around the globe, we're doing the same thing: cheering for our Olympians.

What could be happier than that!?

This year I'm true loving on Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas (such a little peanut!).

In honor of this ever-so-wonderful event, we held an Opening Ceremony get together at our house. Costumes were required and we definitely sang "Proud to be an American" when the US walked out. #canyoublameus?

Hope you have a great three weeks!