meet me in the garden

Last Tuesday, I blogged about juicing. On Tuesday night, Katie Gold told me about Arden's Garden.

By this Monday, I had been there five times.


I lived approximately one block from that place for seven months and never saw it. Why didn't anyone tell me!?

The juice. The smoothies. The granolas.

My life has forever changed.

On Monday, Gold and I did the Grand Slam, which comprises four shots, including wheat grass, ginger, lemon and cranberry. The ginger was a struggle, but I was pleasantly surprised by my feelings toward wheat grass. I thought it would bother me more. Supposedly, if you do the combination  consistently, it will clease your body, and eventually give you more energy than coffee.

I can't speak to that yet, but I can confirm that I've been dreaming of the spinach smoothie all day, and have found a solid solution to my kale woes.

If anyone wants to find me over the next few weeks, you know where to look. See you ITG (in the garden. Clearly...)