Onward Warrior

Courtney and I have this theory that we can always tell when someone was a cross country runner because they say hi to other people while running. And sometimes, on particularly brutal days (i.e. when it's really hot, really cold, stormy...), they'll say things like: good job! keep going!

After so many years of running for a team sport, it's engrained in us.

But on Sunday, our theory went to pot.

Atlanta recently opened the part of the BeltLine that connects Midtown, the Highlands and Inman Park. The combination of the absolutely perfect weather, as well as Atlantans having a clear yearning for the safe, traffic-free path, left the BeltLine absolutely packed with happy people. Runners, walkers, bikers, bladers (lie. I was the only one on rollerblades), were filled with very evident joy. People were saying hello, smiling, jumping...! I almost danced to my music, and I think if I had taken the leap, others would have followed suit. It was a path of pure joy.

One business even put out a sign that says, "Onward Warrior" pointing to the path. I obviously loved this, because it made me feel like we really were a team. Team BeltLine.

I'm so excited about the path being right by my house, and am crossing my fingers big time that they continue to grow it. That way Team BeltLine can cruise allll around the city.

PS: I know the picture makes the path look awkwardly empty, but I was just around a little bend. I swear I'm not lying like when I tried to tell you other people still rollerblade...