On Sunday I made the incredibly rookie mistake of going to the grocery store after church. If you're unfamiliar with this, it's when every single person that isn't at brunch decides to do their shopping. Literally, I think people who don't even live in Atlanta come here to buy food, because those aisles are jammed. 

I kept almost cart colliding with this guy and by the third time, we were making jokes: about being on the same track, how we must eat the same foods...

You get it. 

He was there with his mom, who, at first, I think was wondering why I was talking to her quite possibly 20-year-old son. But then, by the fourth or fifth time it happened, she was in on it, too. I think our grand finale was something about sharing one cart, or something along those lines. 

It was the perfect way to end my week of unplugging, because, I'm often very attached to my phone while grocery shopping. Talking on it, looking up recipes, checking Twitter while I wait at the meat counter. But this week, I was actually paying attention to the people around me, and while I will probably never see those two again, it felt so good to establish a connection with them. A silly one, yes. But a connection, nonetheless. And as someone who thrives and shows love via communicating, it was nice to have an added layer of love to my Sunday morning.

This week is healthy eating. I'm a pretty clean eater, and three veggies a day would actually be a reduction. So instead, I'm making an effort to be more intentional about my meal planning. It's probably more of a budget-conscious move, but that's certainly not a problem. I'm really bad about taking enough food to work during the day, and for some reason, lately I have gotten even worse. So when I was at the grocery with my new pals, I actually planned out enough food for lunches. I also made a pot of veggie-stocked chili to eat each night. 

I think it's going to be one of my favorite weeks of the challenge.