&we unplug

Oh week of unplugging, how I have been dreading you so.

When I first took on the challenge, I thought I deserved a pass on this week, because my job relies almost entirely on being online, many of my relationships are long distance, warranting lots calling and texting, and blogging helps me stay connected to those I love.

But then, last week I had a conversation that I can't seem to shake. A friend told me: you can tell what people care about based on how they spend their time.

And yes, I spend a lot of time on the phone, because I care oh so much about the loves in my life that are far away. And I care about my job. And I care about being connected.

But I also spend a lot of time Instagramming. And Tweeting. And sometimes a little Facebooking. I.e. I check Instagram when I get in bed, and when I wake up. And OK. When I walk to the bathroom at work. And at stoplights.


That's not necessary. I don't need to see every photo my friends put out into the universe, the minute it happens.

And maybe, if I stop filling every empty moment with thoughts and images from the lives of others, I will more easily get centered and find the peace that I am so dearly missing during this running&yoga hiatus.

So here's to a week ahead of less Gramming and Tweeting. And this time, seeing really is believing. So when you don't see my social mediaing, you better believe I'm doing it.

[image via my instagram. ironically enough.]