just because you deserve it

As I've delved deeper into the unglorification of busyness, I've also begun to explore the idea of rest, and the thought that everyone deserves to do it.

My family is excellent at many a thing, but resting is not one of them. We're an early bird, non-nap-taking, never stop going sort of clan.

Even when I had mono I didn't miss a day of school. My english teacher made me go home for one afternoon. Apparently it's contagious? :)

There is a theory out there that seems to be gaining some ground lately. It's that IBS, from which I've suffered for 10 years, can be attributed to too much exercise and not enough rest. This summer, I saw a new doctor (who suggested veganism), that also suggested this might be an issue for me. And so, I have been working tirelessly on getting more rest. Really, it's exhausting. It's much easier for me to be on the move constantly than it is to slow down.

To be honest, I wasn't particularly successful at it until I broke my foot. Now every day is a day off from running. (and spinning, swimming and yoga. whomp)

But, as I'm embarking on this resty adventure more, I'm noticing that while not everyone may be ailed by my same need to workout, a lot of people struggle with allowing themselves to be indulgent. It's this attitude that we don't quite deserve the good things - all the best - to get that massage, to turn off the cell phone at the beach, to eat a nice dinner out.

Why is this?

I think part of it has to do with the fact that in all of our busyness, these indulgent things are the first to fall away. And eventually when you stop doing them enough, they stop feeling natural.

When I first met my roommate, Katie, she took a bath most nights. It was her time to unwind and recharge. Her Katie time. But now, she's planning her wedding, studying for the CPA and travelling for work. And she hasn't even taken a bath in our new house. I told her last week that I was worried about her, and all of mankind, because if Katie, bath taker extraordinaire, can't find time to give herself the break she needs, we're all in trouble.

She said she'd work on it. Because she knows she works really hard, is a better version of herself when she takes time to recharge, and deserves that break in her day. And that's a lesson we should all  remember.