king of savannah

Remember how I told you my family stinks at resting? I am fairly certain Duke is the worst at it (no offense, Dukie :)).

He's basically just a machine. I am not actually sure if he feels physical pain, and he's insanely focused. Growing up, my parents often had to remind him to eat, or remind him that he was, in fact, sick, and should probably take it easy.

This weekend, these traits were wildly apparent when he ran dominated the Savannah marathon. Sub-eights, plus negative splitting - yes. for 26.2 miles. Insane! He's amazing!

I was planning on attending the race, then my mom decided to come surprise him, too (yaay!). She flew into Atlanta, then we drove to Savannah Friday night. We got a real kick out of it when Duke called us both and we lied about what we were doing, since we were actually doing the side-by-side, en route to cheer him on.

We surprised him at mile 21. Afterwards we asked him if he saw us, because it didn't seem to register, and he said he thought he smiled and waved. He did not :) Focused, I tell ya. But after 21+ miles at the pace, can you blame him?!

After the race, we explored and dined in Savannah.

The next day, we dropped Duke off at school, then came back to Atlanta. We made a quick roadside pitstop along the way because my mom had never seen cotton before. After many an Indiana corn shucked, she felt it her Midwestern duty to check out the cotton fields, too.
It was just wonderful, as always, spending the weekend with them. Way to go, Duke! We are so proud of you!