pat your weave

I've expressed my feelings about DIYs before, but in case you missed it, let me refresh you. I think DIYs are awesome during the planning and supply purchasing phases. But once the actual D-ing starts, I tend to lose interest. Unless the projects are 30-seconds or less, they are normally too long. I like to think of myself as an excellent DIY delegator. But not so much an executor.
Courtney and Ashley, on the other hand, tend of have a higher skillset and level of patience for such projects, and, being ever so inclusive as they are, allow me to participate in their craftiness.
This weekend was no exception.
Saturday, Ashley busted out in a rocking necklace, which, it turns out, she made. Yep. She rules.
So, Sunday afternoon, we thought we'd try our hand at finger weaving. She turned t-shirts into yarn (for real) and then let us use it to make bracelets. Apparently a lot of little kids do it, so Ash thought we could handle it. I had a few struggles, including a loss of circulation for pulling too tightly and not unweaving at the right time, and having to start over once (or twice), but all-in-all, I'd say the task was a success.
And, as your DIY delegator, I feel it my duty to provide instructions. So check out V and Co's tutorial, which is exactuhly how Ash taught us to make them, and go forth with braceleting vigor. It's your charge.