unveganed // veganed

Remember in July when I confessed I'd been living vegan? Well, here we are again.
Only this time it's the opposite: I'm unvegan. I called it off a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't quite getting me where I'd hoped and I also just couldn't get my protein fix. You can only eat so many almonds, nahmean?
Also, my body just wants eggs like every day. Meat and cheese were actually easier to steer clear of than I expected. But eggs. Man oh man. A tofu scramble isn't scrambled eggs and there's no two ways about it.
I did, however, learn a lot of positive things from the adventure. I used to always need meat for a meal to feel complete, but now I can be satisfied with beans as my base. I have also fallen madly in love with vegan pancakes and like them even more than regular pancakes.
So, if you're looking to dabble in a little veganism, enjoy:
1 cup almond milk
2 t. apple cider vinegar
4 T ground flax
1.5 cup flour or oats
3.5 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
2 T honey
.5 cup water
3 T canola oil
.5 t vanilla
I tried subbing pumpkin for the oil a few times and actually preferred them that way. However, it makes them a lot more dense and less pancakey.
Also, I'm a chef's worst nightmare, because I don't follow recipes at all. Those are the recommended measurements, but I was pretty liberal with the oats. The only thing you really need to follow are the vinegar and salt ratios, because those give it the pancake taste.
I topped with raw almond butter and honey, then ate them for breakfast almost exclusively for the last five months. I'd make a big batch on the weekend, then freeze and toast throughout the week.
Oh the joys of being vegan! Happy health, all!