see you!

Y'all. (I know. I don't say y'all. But this is y'all worthy).

We're moving.

I know. I know! When I told you we were moving in August, I didn't expect to mutter those words again until at least next July.

I did NOT see this coming.

But we are. We really, really are.

I promise I am not some crazy person that is addicted to moving. Running? Maybe. FroYo? Most notably. But moving? Nah.

We wanted to stay in our house. We wanted it to be golden and not gilded. We wanted it to be cute and happy and ours.

But, as it turns out, the rats own our house and they're not going anywhere fast. They came back with a vengeance and ate right through my Pottery Barn chair. And that was pretty much the last straw for me. (Not to mention a lot of Mel's furniture. And then Katie went into the attic and found herself face to face with one).

So, our landlord is kindly voiding our lease and we're rolling off of Courtenay Drive. We gave it a good go, but we're not waiting around for these rats to get any bigger. It's the year of no waiting, after all.

I know it's definitely the right choice to move, but I'm having a hard time with the fact that Katie is not joining Melissa and me at our next place. We've grown so close in the last 13 months that we've lived together - I really can't imagine not waking up to her each day. 

Since she's getting married in June, she's going to live with her sister until then. I dream of living with my sisters, so I can't blame her for it, but I'm sad to see our time living together cut short. We thought we had until June to be roommates, and this January cut off date is feeling very abrupt. It's like we were on a seven day cruise and the captain just told us it's only a weekend cruise. Something must not be right, here...

We've both admitted it feels a lot like an unwanted break up - but we're not sure who the culprit is. (Fortunately we decided to share a storage unit, so at least we have that holding us together. It's like the pet you continue to share. Good little storage unit!)

And luckily, she will only be a bit down the road in Inman Park and she swears she won't forget about us VaHi girls.

Here's to our next adventure!