weekend and a half and a halfway move

Do you ever have those weekends where you fall into bed Sunday night and feel like you can barely remember what you did Friday? Where it seems like forever ago and even though the weekends are never long enough, it felt like 37 combined?

This weekend was one of those. Mainly because we halfway moved out.

Some of our things went to storage, and some are going to the new place. Katie's super sweet parents came to help us with the first half. They got into town in the afternoon, so, to get a jumpstart on the task, we pulled everything we were moving out onto the lawn Saturday morning. We thought we were really funny and set it up outside like the inside.  Moving furniture already cracks me up for some reason - add that to our outdoor living room and I was doomed to lose it. 

It was also one of the easiest ways to move I've ever done (which is, let's be real, a subject I'm familiar with), because by the time the truck arrived, we had a full picture of everything we needed to load. Like a big puzzle! 

I also rented this beauty just to make sure we had enough room. Needless to say, it doesn't have the turn radius of my Jeep. It also beeps when you back up...

Surprisingly, we had no less than 11 people ask us if we were having a yard sale. At one point, we said no, but a girl still said: could I take a look and see if there is anything I want to buy?

I almost said yes, based on her persistence alone! I guess if you really want my table that badly...

Other weekend highlights include a late dinner at Taco Mac Saturday night, drinks on the patio at Noche Sunday afternoon, and dinner with Sally and her mama at Two Urban Licks Sunday. 

Sunday night, I crashed into bed - happily exhausted. Now, just a few more nights until a rat-free home. Yaay! I hope your weekend was wonderful, too!