stay humble

When it comes to airline travel, Courtney and I are both a little lot bit ridiculous. We run through the airport more often than we walk. We're no strangers to having our names last called over the intercom. And we're notoriously the final passengers to board the plane.
(And to the rest of our family: I can feel ye cautious travelers cringing right now.)
I cannot count the number of times we've been driving to the airport in Virginia, Denver, Houston or Atlanta and one of us has looked at the other and said: "Are we going to miss our flight?"
And then the other of us looked at the clock and laughed, saying: "No! We're not going to miss our flight."
{meanwhile thinking: we might miss our flight}
We are overconfident to a fault. We operate as if we are above the law in the one place on earth that absolutely no one operates above the law. The plane would not leave without us!
One time, we were at security a few minutes ahead of schedule and there were two lines. Courtney had to go in the longer line, but I had the option of either one. So, I obviously chose the longer line so we could stay together longer. I had eight extra minutes. Puhlenty of time!
Fast forward 22 minutes and what was I doing? That's right. Giving Courtney the quickest hug in America and sprinting to my gate, sundress, sandals and all.
Last week, though, I received a text from Court that rocked my world. It went a little something like this:
And I say it again. What!

When I called her I needed to know every detail: What exactly happened? So the airplane actually just took off without you? Like it left? Even though you weren't on it? It just left?
Turns out, even we, with our false sense of security when it comes to ETDs, can be left behind. And let us be your cautionary tale: stay humble everybody. Ain't nobody operating above the law - on the plane or off it.
Happy Friday :)