{follow friday} the real life RD

If I were to tell you things I am loving on blogs right now, this list would include:
Healthy living
Positive, real, inspirational people
Good workout ideas
People loving Jesus
Tasty recipes

Fortunately for me, one of my very, very favorite blogs covers all of these topics. I've mentioned her before, but today I want to formally introduce you guys to my friend Robyn

She's a registered dietitian from Indiana (!) who lives in Charlottesville. I met her when I was in Virginia last November and immediately loved her. She's so funny and real and I love the way she pursues healthy, whole eating, but still eats enough. Like a lot. Robyn loves food and I love reading about it. She inspires me to eat enough of the right things and not to get bogged down by the constant messages the world gives us to cut calories. 

I love the way Robyn admits that she isn't perfect (although, I say, she's amazing!) and is just doing her best to navigate this post-grad world in a real, God-loving way. 

She shows me how to find balance in an often unbalanced world. I love her blog a whole lot, and thought you might too! So go check this Indiana girl out! 


Happy Friday!