every thought tuesday

The weird thing about blogging (aside from the obvious fact that I'm basically writing an email to the universe), is that it's a total feast or famine situation for me. I either have hundreds of thoughts I want to share, constantly running through my brain, allowing me to churn out posts in 20 minutespouring out my heart, or I have complete writer's block and tell you about my smoothies, hoping someone will find it relevant or tasty. 

I have determined no formula for what leads to each situation. Sometimes it seems like the busier I am, the more my mind is running and needs to get on paper, simply so I can sleep. But other times, it seems the more I slow down and reflect, the more I can find clarity and make sense of life. 

There is no method for this madness, clearly. But this week is one where I don't feel like I have anything all that exciting to share. Work is wild, as I get ready to head to the beach Wednesday night. Meetings abound and emails pour in and the only thing I can think to share are piecemeal thoughts and things other people are saying better than me. So here we have it...

I love, love, love this message from Shauna Niequist about not letting our past determine our future. It's so clear and empowering. She always know, you know?  

I want to get a big trampoline for our backyard. It's big and wide open and I think it calls for that kind of happiness. Our landlord said no because he can't assume the liability. It's like he thinks I'm injury prone, or something?

Which leads me to: I hurt my leg and can't run for a month. It's OK because I'm so excited for physical therapy. This guy is legit and seems to know what he's doing - he's promising me big things. But, as with everything we can't have, I am yearning for a run. Fall just calls for long, outdoor runs. However, I'm going to do the full embrace of yoga over these next few weeks. Namaste my friends!

I love this message from Caroline Crawford about rest (scroll to the bottom - select rest). Learning to live in God's rest even in the most cycloney phases of life is such a skill. I'm carrying her words with me this week, big time. 

My car got broken into this weekend and the interior was stripped. It's having a weird effect on me + my relationship with possessions. I'm not sure where the thoughts are leading me right now, but it's reminding me that our stuff is so finite. At any minute things we love - things we've been driving since 2005, for example - can be gone, totally different. It was both violating and also reminded me that there is so much more to life than our possessions. I am so glad life is more than things. 

No dairy has been a superly good decision. I actually don't miss cheese all that much. And I found top-drawer almond milk that mixes well with Hershey's syrup. Essential, you know? 

The doctor that prescribed me all of my vaccines for Africa suggested I take Ambien on the flight. She also suggested I test it out once before the trip to make sure it doesn't do anything funky to me. I tried it Sunday and holymolyyy that stuff works. TGFRoommates, otherwise I probably would have slept right through the alarm.

Also I had a free drink at Starbucks this week, so, post Ambien I thought I'd grab a Venti. And it was free, so why not add an extra shop of espresso? That stuff also works. Talk about hyper! I basically danced through my meetings all day.

I've been using Pert Plus all summer. And by Pert Plus, I mean Publix's generic version. I love it. And Melissa gave me a coupon sooo I have a free bottle coming up soon. Who knew P+ was such a hidden gem? Should I try Suave, too? Or just stick with what I know? Grow it long, grow it strong, my friends.

I feel really torn about fall clothes right now. I'm excited to rock them (chambray always! cardigans!) but don't want to let go of summer just yet. Does anyone else feel this way?

I'm so, so, so excited for the beach this weekend. Labor Day is just wonderful. 

I think that is probably, definitely enough thoughts for one day. Feel free to share any randomness in the comment section. I'd love to know where everyone else's Tuesday brain is. 

Happy day to you!