three new things for august

Did you ever play Don't Wake Daddy growing up? This is what I picture when I think of July this year. It completely sneaked by.

Where did it go?

It was here and then, just like that, rabbit, rabbit. It's August!

I want to cultivate more awareness this month in an effort to slow time down. Nothing makes my heart as happy as extended hours of daylight, high humidity, airy sundresses and instantly melting popsicles. With greater awareness I'm hoping to hold onto these things a teeny bit longer before sweaters, football and crunchy leaves take over.

And so, three new things for August. Here's what I'm doing this month:

1. I'm going dairy free. As someone who lived with a lot of food rules for a long time, I've worked hard on giving them up - and I really don't believe in them anymore. Everything in moderation is best. However, I need to be realistic about the fact that my digestion isn't exactly at its finest right now (I'll spare you the details) and my skin isn't looking as good as I'd like it to either. The truth is, I've been eating dairy like cows are going extinct. I just love it! So I'm taking a break to see if it helps. I'll be sure to report back.

2. I'm taking on blog sponsors. Eek! This one is scary, but I think it's time. I've read a lot about the point at which you should take on sponsors and I've passed that threshold, but have since just been afraid to do it. Risk and reward, though, right? Details on this to come. 

3. I'm finishing my frame wall. I've been talking about making one forever and have finally made some headway. Now I need to order the right pictures so my room feels haphappy and homey.