My friend Jordan and I used to joke that when she said maybe, she meant no. And when I heard that maybe, I heard yes. I just can't help myself! I believe so deeply in the power of yes.

To say yes is a gift. It's to take on an adventure. It can be a risk - a life change - a small task. It can be so little or so much and you often don't know which until you're already into the yes. It's a glass of wine   - maybe - or it's hours of good conversation and a friendship growing deeper over an accidental bottle.

But I am only just recently learning the power of no. To know you need the time to yourself, the space, the opt out. 

To say yes is exciting on the surface, but to say no - to know your own needs on that level - is exciting in its own right. It's maturity and self respect. It's knowing when you need sleep instead of that glass of wine. Or time to reflect instead of divulge in conversation. 

Call it a testament to my parents' undying support, as I think my incessant yessing begins with a belief that I can do it all. My parents told me I could, so I can, right? Maybe. But just because you can do everything doesn't mean you should. To complete everything - carry the juggling balls over the finish line - is good. But to do fewer things, very well, can be so much more fulfilling. To go deeper into one task, master the skill is an entirely different level of satisfaction. 

And I'm still learning it. Learning to cut back and play to my strengths. 

Oh my gosh I am not a DIYer. And that's OK. No one needs me to DIY for them. But you know what I can do? Organize your closet. So when you're done crafting and your scissors and glue and paint are everywhere, I'm there. 

I'm learning it evermore as I get ready to go to Africa. I've been blown away by the support I've received. It has been incredible to  see the way people have said yes to me - have offered me the skills, gifts and support they have. I'm in awe. 

The way my dad gave to me financially last night, so generously. 
The way so many of you have supported me financially, also so generously.
And in prayers. 
How friends have called me asking what they can buy for the trip. Sunscreen? Bug spray? A sleeping bag? 
The way my company gave me product to take over. 
The way people have asked me the right questions, cared about what I will be doing, given me their time, love and concern for my travel. 
Shared my page
Shared my passion.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For giving me what you can. For giving me the gifts you have and for saying yes to my adventure. 

I just love you all.