ten weeks of veggies...

no image source. anyone have?

This week was my last CSA delivery and as promised, here are my thoughts on joining. The good, the bad and the yummy...

The good:
- I barely had to go to the grocery store during the 10-week session. I bought the staples I needed (olive oil, coconut oil, nut butter...) at the start, then only had to go back when I needed eggs or almond milk or some other perishable. 

- It was so much fun trying new veggies each week. I never knew how to make cabbage soup. Now I do! I never knew what half these less common vegetables even looked like. It was an adventure! (PS I tried okra for the first time and now wondering why they don't call it grosskra?)

- It actually felt like I got a present each week. And I love presents.

Riverview Farms was amazing to work with. They were so prompt with their replies, made it easy to put the box on hold for trips and posted recipes each week with what to make from the box. Super fun.

Riverview also threw in non-veggies items, which I didn't know they'd do. Grains, seasonings and fun surprises.

- I saved money. Mmmhmm. Didn't expect that, did you? I paid a lot up front, but then since I went to the grocery so rarely, I avoided buying random stuff that I didn't need. Looking at you, $20 raw almond butter when I already had some at home...

-I had a lot of extra veggies each week, which I froze and am now using in soups. Also, I have frozen soup to eat this winter. Cha-ching!

The bad:
- It's a lot of food for a one-top. I'd suggest going in with someone and splitting it. Perfect for a pair!

- The box depends entirely on the crop, obviously. So this summer, when it rained a lot, the veggies were repetitive and spoiled quickly. This fall though? They were amazing. Also, Riverview was apologetic and did everything they could to compensate.

no image source. anyone have?

The yummy:
- Mostly everything in the box. Minus the okra and garlic :)

- I have so many pine nuts in my freezer. I can't wait for pesto all the time. 

- There was something romantic about eating straight from the earth - sometimes the veggies still had dirt on them. I loved knowing that if I got carrots in the box, the carrot crops were good. If I received a lot of potatoes and apples, but no spinach? That's all our sweet Georgia earth could give us this week. And that's kind of beautiful, if you ask me. 

In August, I told you I wanted to try new veggies, get creative with my recipes and go to the grocery store less. In December, I can tell you done, done and done.

I'm sad to say goodbye to veggie Christmas, but I guess that just makes it even better that real Christmas is less than a week away!