on going upside down and other 2014 goals

Did you know almost half of New Year's resolutions have to do with getting healthier? Lose weight, exercise, eat better, quit smoking...

The list goes on and on. 

Mine don't. Well, mostly don't.

My two resolutions are:
1) Take a photography class this year
2) Be less busy

I could argue that they'll impact my health overall, but they're less blatant than, say, go to the gym every day. 

However, ever since cutting back on running, I've been a little bit of a workout funk. Less running means I have to be more creative with my workouts - I can't just lace up my kicks and head outside. I have to think through routines, find a class, be more intentional. 

With that in mind, I decided I needed some goals to give me focus. So although these are not my resolutions, here are a few of my fitness goals for 2014:

1) Do 50 good push ups without stopping
2) Plank (on elbows) for 4:15
3) Do yoga 50 times (just under once a week)
4) Learn to do a headstand in yoga
5) Go rock climbing

As of today, I can:

1) Do 20 push ups
2) Plank for 1:40
3) Have done yoga once this year (this morning!)
4) Am sitting comfortably at shoulder stand and cannot even fathom how to make this transition
5) Have been wanting to go rock climbing again for months and haven't done it. What am I waiting for?

Like I said, these aren't so much resolutions as they fitness goals. They're not about weight loss or about my shortcomings. They're simply about getting stronger, taking on something I've wanted to do for years but am hesitant to try (headstand!) and making time to do yoga instead of constantly doing workouts that break me down physically and mentally. It's learning to focus less on exhausting myself and more on making time for things that give me clarity and make me stronger.

What are your fitness goals this year? Join me!