The Fault in Our Stars. 20 pages in and already hooked. Have you read it? I've yet to hear a bad review.

I travel along to feel lovely on purpose. I like her thoughts on waiting for the right person. 

30 things to stop doing to yourself - Love this. Especially the point on not making everything perfect in life. Life is real. 

Also, love this site. Put in a book you enjoyed and it will generate similar suggestions. Give it a minute to load ;)

Wanting to try:

Clean, Lean & Sexy's honey almond energy bars. Ingredients include dates, almonds, raisins, almond butter and honey. Right up my 10-a.m.-snack-time-alley.

A Beautiful Mess' Thai Tea Frappe. It looks unreal. I also want to try a Thai massage because I've heard they are amazing for you. Should I go to Thailand?

The new Tacos & Tequilas that opened on Ponce. I've never been to T&T but I love a good Mexican restaurant. 
image: anyone have a source?

Wanting to buy:

This phone case. But I have, unfortunately, been quarantined in the phone case department. I am now only allowed to buy very durable cases. (RIP old phones)

Surfy Sundays mug. I love Sundays. And mugs. And mugs that say Sunday.

This America kimono. You want it too, don't you?


The Kettlebell Yoga class I tried at Hotlanta yoga recently. It was definitely a different experience and the studio is much more relaxed than those I'm used to. But it was different and I liked it.

The new Localleikki app. They asked me to try it out a few months ago and now it's live (&free!) in the app store. It has been great for traveling so much recently - it allows you to find running, hiking, biking (+more) trails near you. You can filter it down to how far you want to go, what you want the trail surface to be, etc. It's fun :)

The Vineyard Vest Fresh Produce sent me to wear. It's perfect to throw on when I'm going to yoga but want to look presentable or to brighten up and pull together an outfit. 

You. For reading my blog. Thanks for that. :)

Bye, now.