my kind of atlanta weekend

I went into this weekend with high hopes and a pretty set itinerary. But, as a good Atlanta weekend always does, it surprised me with just enough impromptu activities to leave me happily refreshed. I do love adventuring in this city!

Friday, Chris made me an awesome dinner. He cooked bison burgers, which I've been wanting to try for a while. Paired with a kale salad and avocado & mango salsa - and we feasted! I sipped wine&OJ on the deck while he grilled and couldn't have been happier about it.

Saturday, Duke and I got up early early to bike the Silver Comet Trail. I'd done it once, but that was just weeks before I did my triathlon and was, admittedly, in better cardio shape. Let's just say it was a good workout. For me. Duke just cruised along. :)

After that, I met up with friends to Shoot the Hooch. Last summer, my Hooch plans were rained out (not once, but twice), which means I hadn't done it since summer 2012. I was itching to get out there. 

We floated for about an hour before a thunderstorm set in - so for the last two hours we were floating amid lighting and mega raindrops. Decidedly, though, if our biggest problem on Saturday was that we got wet while floating the river in our swimsuits, then it's still a pretty dang good day. 

Sunday, Chris and I went to what is easily Atlanta's best kept coffee secret: Chattahoochee Coffee Company. It sits on the river the couldn't be more peaceful. I'm adding it to my Atlanta Bucket List because I think it's going to be a weekend game changer for me. I don't go OTP for a lot, but for a good coffee shop, I will. 

After that, Sunday included church with friends, a nice long walk and meeting up with friends before the World Cup at Cypress Street

I wrapped up Sunday night babysitting - fully recharged, relaxed and grateful for two whole days in this wonderful city. Summer life is good life. 

I hope your weekend was lovely! 

PS: I strongly prefer not to give negative reviews on my blog, but after our experience dealing with Urban Currents, it would be a disservice not to share my recommendation that you should not rent from them in you float the river this year. I'll spare you the details, aside from that they are incredibly disorganized and increased the price so it's now $27.50 to float. If you're going to shoot this year, definitely BYOTube and drop your car off at the end. It's worth the extra effort to avoid the headache.