easy summer; easy weekend

Sometimes the hustle&bustle of Atlanta excites me. I love the way there's always something going on - a new restaurant opening, a fun event and constant entertainment. I love how there are always new people to meet and access to everything you could imagine.

But every now and then, especially when I'm feeling homesick, I yearn for a small town. I yearn for the way we didn't lock our doors growing up. The way we walked a few blocks to Main Street for a milkshake and put it on an expense account. No keys needed, no money needed. Just easy, carefree pleasure. Yes, I yearn for the slower; the more innocent. 

And this weekend, although I didn't get to go home to Indiana, I did have the pleasure of heading to Newnan, Georgia to visit my friends, Katie and Austen. Chris and I drove down for dinner and a sleepover Friday night and it was so lovely to be in that little town with great friends.

They made an absolute feast, which we enjoyed alongside Moscow Mules, good conversation and lots of porch sitting. We stayed the night Friday and got up Saturday to go for a walk around town, get coffee and eat more food :) I loved swinging on their porch swing, sipping coffee and talking about life with that crew.

After that, Chris and I headed back to Atlanta where we basked in the rare and lovely glory that is a Saturday afternoon without commitments. We went to the grocery and relaxed and got iced coffees (again. I know!) and it was perfect. 

Sunday, Mel and I got up early to go for a walk and try out a new coffee shop in the Highlands, Henry & June. After that, we headed to church, then met up with a whole crew of friends at Victory in Decatur for the World Cup. 

Sunday night, Chris and I capped off the weekend with a swim, grilling and some wine. 

And I woke up Monday, happy, refreshed and grateful for my time both in and outside the Perimeter this weekend. 

I hope your weekend was wonderful!