my favorites from this week

(one year ago when Katie & Sara were here! ^^)

Happy Wednesday! My bffs from high school, Katie and Sara, are coming in from Chicago on Friday, so this week feels like seven to me. But, alas, we're halfway there! Here are my favorite things from this week so far: 

To eat: Perfect Bars. They sent me a box to review and they are (1) delicious (2) filling (3) full of healthy ingredients - carrots and celery in each bar, to name a few. The carob chip and almond butter flavors are my favorite so far. 

To move: A rowing workout from Chris. Try it! My goal was 5,000 meters, or just over three miles. Let me know how far you get! :)
To pick me up in the afternoon: Trader Joe's new peanut butter with chia and flax mixed in. A little crunch a lot of flavor. 

To let loose: Moscow Mules at the Painted Pin (ATL Bucket List #138). I went for a going away party on Monday night and it was awesome. Even on a Monday it was crowded. So glad they're on the ATL scene.