hearty, fall soup {super easy recipe}

One of my favorite things to do on Sunday in the fall is make a huge pot of soup for the week. It reminds me of home, when my mom would make big batches of chili on Sunday while she watched the Colts game. It feels so right as the smell wafts through the air while I prepare for the week ahead.

This week I used the abundance of hearty vegetables I froze as leftover from my Fresh Harvest basket last week to try a new kind of soup made with veggies, yucca and coconut milk. It's filling, feels indulgent and is chock-full of nutrients. 

Hearty, Fall Soup Recipe (with coconut milk & yucca)

Yields: 8.5 quarts

32 oz. vegetable broth 
1 can coconut milk
1 stalk of yucca (cubed)
4 to 5 c. (or one bag) frozen broccoli
3 c. frozen corn
1 bag frozen spinach 
2 to 4 large tomatoes (diced)
1 squash (cubed)
1 avocado (for topping)
Seasoning of your choosing (I used: onion powder, Cayenne, salt and pepper)

To make
Once peeled, heat in microwave until soft enough to cut easily - should be about the consistency of a potato. 
While the yucca cooks, in the pot mix the broth and coconut milk on high heat.
Once your coconut milk has mixed in for the most part (no longer floating chunks on top), add all of your broccoli, corn and spinach - mixing them in one at a time. 
Dice squash, tomato and, once soft, yucca. Add to the pot. 
Add in seasonings to taste. The coconut milk will make it sweet, so if you want a savory element, I suggest adding onion powder, Cayenne, salt and pepper. Cumin might also be good, but I wasn't in the mood for it. 
Cover and cook on high heat until boiling. It took mine about 30 minutes with such a large batch.
Once boiling, move to medium heat and cook for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your time. 
If you have time, let it cook on low heat for a few hours to really get the flavoring.
Top with avocado and enjoy :)

Happy fall, y'all!