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Happy Monday, friends!

This post is going to be a little different than usual, but hopefully you'll like it. :)

I recently started selling doTERRA Essential Oils, to which my sisters introduced me. They both love them and their excitement has made me love them and now all of us Bibers from start to finish are just lathering ourselves up in oils.

I took some to work last week on Friday, when I really needed to focus and my coworkers were super interested, so I thought some of you might be, too.

If you are unfamiliar with them, the idea behind them is that they can restore balance in your body via oils found naturally in the earth. These are the oils that our ancestors used instead of medicine. They work for keeping you healthy, balancing metabolism and reducing stress.

To be clear, I still believe in modern medicine. But if I can rub some oil on my temples instead of taking Advil, I'd rather do that 100% of the time.


You can use oils by:

Rubbing them on your body. You can put them in a roll-on container and rub them on your feet (the biggest pores on your body), or ailing area (stomach for stomachache, temples for headache, zit for skin clarity). 

Diffusing them into the air. You can purchase a diffuser through doTERRA and diffuse them into the air, or heat up a cup of hot water, add a drop and inhale the steam

Consuming them. doTERRA is 100% certified pure oil, so you can add a drop to a cup of water and drink it, or purchase gel capsules to swallow. 

Cleaning with them. My sisters both use them exclusively to clean their houses. Many cleaning agents expose us to pretty bad chemicals and these are so harmless you can ingest what you clean with. 

Some top selling oils are:

Frankincense for relaxation, immune system support and mood enhancement
Slim & Sassy for metabolic support 
OnGuard for health protection and wellness

A few of our favorite ways to use them are:

OnGuard, Lavender oil + fractionated coconut oil at night to help me sleep and keep me healthy
Rubbing Digestzen on my stomach for IBS issues
Rubbing Balance on my temples for concentration and focus after a long day at work
Mixing a drop of Lemon and Grapefruit into a water bottle (must be glass or metal; not plastic or the oil breaks down the cup) and drinking it for boosting immunity

I want to try:

Cedarwood for skin recovery
Cypress and Deep Blue for tight muscles 
The flu bomb this winter: 
3-4 drops of onguard
3-4 drops of melaleuca
3-4 drops of oregano
3-4 drops of lemon
1 drop of Frankincense

If you want to know more:
Check out how they are using them on Pinterest
read 101 uses for essential oils
check them out on facebook

Happy day to you!