life lately: the good stuff

I've been back and forth between the Midwest and Atlanta for work lately and I keep finding myself stumbling upon some really great things. I thought I'd share a little bit of the good stuff from life lately. Because who doesn't like getting in on the good stuff?

In Atlanta 
Friending: A new Thursday tradition - weekly dinners with our crew that goes to church together on Sundays. We BYOD and meet upstairs at my brothers house. It's a great, free way to get together. And something to look forward to each week! 

Moving: Fast Twitch at the Forum. An insanely hard class and an awesome way to start my Saturday. You will be sore :)

Outsiding: I started volunteering at Truly Living Well gardens on Sundays after church. It's a great way to feel one with the earth, give back to Atlanta and chat with friends. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't therapeutic. 

Wearing: Newton running shoes from Highland Runners. They make me feel like I have tiny trampolines on my feet!

Brunching: At Sun in My Belly with friends. I hadn't eaten there in a few months and man, I forgot how good that place is. Sunny happiness! 

In Chicago
Eating: At Protein Bar as many times as my schedule allowed. I love this place and just wish so badly they'd come to Atlanta. Who else would sign my petition? #WrigleyPeeledSmoothieOMG

Moving: At my girl Sara's spin class at Go Cycle Studios and Katie's yoga class at Core Power Yoga. I feel so proud of my BFFs for both instructing classes! 

Replenishing: With smoothies from Peeled Juice Bar. I tried one with nut butter, banana and oatmeal. It was so money. 

In Indiana
Eating: Dinner with my parents. Fresh broccoli, sourdough bread and steak wrapped in bacon. Nope, I don't normally eat this well. Yep, I loved it!

Snacking (is that the same as eating?): Bare Fruit cinnamon apple chips from Bloomingfoods. Crunchy, sweet and tasty for an afternoon snack.

Sipping: A mint almond milk latte from the Runcible Spoon. Heck. Yes. 

In the sky:
Eating: Perfect Bars for the perfect breakfast on the go. I love these things so much. 

Reading: "Popular" by Tindell Baldwin. It's written for high school girls and is a really beautiful story of redemption. It's great if you have daughters and don't know how to approach the high school years (I would guess!).

Happy Friday!