tips for falling asleep easily

I'm typically a pretty bad sleeper (see Thursday's post) but lately I've been sleeping like a champ. A few weeks ago, I took the GRE, had a big deadline and had a lot of changes at work. And I still fell asleep easily each night!

I'd like to tell you that I finally listened to what every sleep study says to do and I no longer take my phone with me to bed. But that would be a lie. I'm not that self-actalized yet. :) 

I know a lot of other people struggle to fall asleep, too, especially during times of stress. I'm so happy with how I've been sleeping that I thought I'd share my tips. Here's how I cleaned up my sleep hygiene: 

1. I diffuse lavender into the air. I use doterra's version and usually diffuse it for about 30 minutes while I wind down. It smells amazing and has helped me to calm down naturally. 

2. I do bedtime yoga. I started Yoga with Adriene (doing the 30-day challenge) and have been doing it every night before bed. It's not sweaty yoga - it's totally relaxing. Each time I start, my mind is racing with everything I need to do and I question whether or not I should be wasting time on it. But by the time it's over, I'm relaxed and my mind is so much readier to sleep. I like to turn down the lights, diffuse the lavender and light a candle while I do it. Sounds zenny, right?

3. I make sure everything is in its place. If things are out of order in my room when I try to go to bed, my brain feels out of order, too. Putting everything in its place, including setting out my outfit and bags for the next day, helps me to fall asleep with a clear mind. 

4. I read or journal. Even if it's just for five minutes. 

5. I interact with hot water. This isn't weird, I promise :) I either take a hot shower or wash my face with warm water. I also like to drink a hot drink - lately I've been loving Sunshine in a Cup. In the morning cold water helps me wake up and at night the warm water helps me to calm down.

Happy ZZZs!