::wednesday feelings::

This winter has been wonderfully less busy in my personal life. I haven't traveled as much on the weekends and I've kept my weeknights open. This means I've had room to say yes to impromptu adventures and dinners and walks with friends. I've also had more time at home to reflect, read and cook. I feel relaxed and at ease and am wondering why I used to pack every minute of every day so hard.

Why do we so often find our worth in being busy? I've found that making time to refuel and filling my hours with things that really matter is so much more life-giving.

But, alas. It's a lesson I'll probably learn again & again.

Just wanted to check in, say hi and share a few updates :) Here's what I'm feeling today:

Excited about creating a website for my coaching business. It's really real now!

Happy about the spring weather in Atlanta. Hallelujah we survived the winta!

Inspired by the fact that people are still adding money to this coffee card. Get yourself some java, my friends!

Refreshed by my new iphone background. Changing the phone background is like the hand-held version of rearranging a room to me. Immediately refreshing!

Hungry for this Broccoli Quinoa Bowl. Literally. My stomach just growled.

Thirsty for this Chocolate Espresso Protein Shake. Wowza. Thinking I'll make him this weekend!

Creatively charged by the pottery class I took a few weeks ago. Mission accomplished!

I hope you're having a wonderful week. Make time for yourself and get outside!