25 free summer dates in atlanta

Happy day, friends! We're in this lovely little in between spring and summer phase in Atlanta, where the days hit the 90s, but the mornings are cool enough to drive to work with your windows down without even thinking about breaking a sweat. You can feel the city on the brink of summer - itching to break open into the 100s and become clothed in the thick layer of humidity.

But not yet!

Spring, sweet spring.

Chris and I decided that this month, we're taking on a challenge: 30 days of only free dates. Why? Well, we've spent a good bit of money lately with quite a few trips and weddings. And also? Because Atlanta has so much free stuff to do and the perfect time to take advantage of it is before it gets too hot.

25 free summer dates in atlanta - bucket list

Naturally, we have a few ground rules:
1. We are allowed to buy groceries to cook together
2. We are allowed to buy the froyo twice during the month. Because it's spring. And that's what you do in the spring.

The challenge began yesterday and will last until June 13. To make sure we don't just get lazy and cook dinner every night in yoga pants, I made a quick list of some things I hope we tackle:

free things to do in atlanta in the summer
{note a few of these places do sell things, so if you aren't on a total fast, I'd recommend buying a cup of coffee or drink :))

1. Bike (or drive) the Living Walls  - try to see them all
2. Go to the free coffee shop at the Goat Farm (though I do recommend tipping :))
3. Hike into the Bellwood Quarry
4. Play ping pong at Henry & June or Victory
5. Visit the Lilburn Hindu Temple

Free things to do in Lilburn
image via my friend megan :)

6. Peruse and {window} shop at all of the new, awesome places that have recently opened: Chrome Yellow, Young Blood, the little shops at Krog Street, etc.
7. Explore/relax by the dam at Lullwater
8. Hike Sweetwater
9. Brew up some {iced} coffee on a Sunday morning and drive Tuxedo Road
10. Check out books at the Atlanta library (or use the free e-books from APL), take them to a park and read under a tree

25 free summer dates in atlanta - bucket list

11. Picnic on the beach in Morningside Nature Preserve
12. Feed the ducks in Piedmont Park
13. Go to a Grady High School track meet with lawn chairs
14. Walk, bike, run or stroll the BeltLine. Stop in Paris on Ponce for free popsicles
15. Explore a new neighborhood on foot - whether its Cabbagetown, Decatur or Grant Park, get outside your comfort zone
16. Do a Saturday AM power session and try to hit as many farmers' markets as possible: FreedomGrant Park, Westside (and so many more!)

free dates in atlanta

17. String up some battery-operated lights in Candler Park and have a nighttime picnic
18. Go to Free Beer Friday at Diesel at 5:37
19. Grab a volleyball and play in Piedmont Park
20. Get free coffee at Dunkin Donuts the day after the Braves win (during the month of May)
21. Spend the afternoon gardening at Truly Living Well
22. Throw a frisbee in Chastain
23. Grab a blanket, drive out of the city (somewhere without big buildings - like Fairburn) and stargaze
24. Sit in the Adirondack chairs at the Chattahoochee Coffee Company and watch everyone float the river
25. Buy a bag of coffee at Dancing Goats (this is an essential grocery, right!?) and they give you a free drink. Make it a coffee date :)

So that's where you'll find us this month! Happy free dating!