Week One of Dating for Free 99

Chris and I are one week into our month of free dating and here's what I know so far:
- Not going on coffee dates is way harder than expected.
- I think we are now going on more dates because we're so excited about trying these free ideas.

This past Friday we actually went to Rome, GA, to see his mom, so we didn't go on a date but we did, in fact, become roomies.

Saturday night, I was babysitting, so we were determined to squeeze in a free date somewhere this weekend. Here's what we accomplished:

Free iced coffees Saturday afternoon, because the Braves won Friday (#20)

We played frisbee in the park (#22) with Sam Sunday before the rain moved in.

And then we got absolutely drenched!

We went to Trader Joe's and cooked stir fry with Sam.

We've gone on lots of walks, relaxed and have started a seriously aggressive list of things we want to try when we're back to non-free dating. :)

So that's what our first week of free dating has looked like!

This weekend, we're heading home to Indiana. That wasn't free. But it was pre-planned! :) Happy Friday!