3 Weeks of Free Dating in Atlanta

Chris and I are officially three weeks into our month of free dating. Here’s what I have learned about us during the last few weeks:
- We still miss coffee dates the most (and might have a coffee shop addiction?)
- I’m missing going out to eat, but not as much as I expected. Mostly just Whole Foods
- The challenge of trying to find a free date and the pleasure of executing it is so exhilarating. Way more than I expected. Sort of like getting an awesome item on sale. It almost feels like you’re making money because the savings are so great.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We hiked Sweet Water (#8) on Memorial Day (with BYOCoffee), which was way more fun than I expected. I had heard it wasn’t that hard of a hike, which is true. But it’s BEAUTIFUL. When we can start spending money again, I want to rent kayaks there. The water and trees are stunning!

We got free Dunkin Donuts (#20), again. Really sad that promo is over.

We cooked dinner with our friends, Mike & Kelsey. I made goat cheese guacamole (holy moly!).

We went to a free spinning class at Cyc studios. My friend Jen told me about the free class and I was SUPER pumped.

We cooked two dinners with friends: homemade pizza with my brothers and grilled with Chris' roommate and girlfriend.


We traded in two empty coffee bags at Starbucks for two free coffees. Then drove Tuxedo Road (#9), sipping our java and picking out which houses we'd buy if we could.

I also learned that the Georgia Tech Observatory has free stargazing nights. We planned to go last Thursday, but it was cancelled due to rain. Rats! They don’t start again until the fall, but I definitely plan to go on a clear night.

Also: this is not within our month of free dates, but beginning in Mid-June, Piedmont Park is doing a free concert series with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Snacks and wine on the lawn, anyone?

Now, just one week to go! :)

PS: In case you missed it, here's what we did our first week.
PPS: I've gotten some questions about HOW to get to the Bellwood Quarry. Here is the guide we used. Good luck and wear pants! It's worth the work to find it! :)