ATL Free Dates Final & Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! Tonight is Chris and my last date of our 30 Days of Free Dates. Yaay! He's grilling salmon from Fresh Harvest as our final hurrah. I'll probably be making goat cheese guacamole. Again! I'm hooked.

Tomorrow, we're going kayaking at Sweetwater, then he's taking me to a mystery lunch spot. The only clue I got was to come hungry. Nottaproblem! 

The past week of free dating has been pretty low key, since we threw the surprise party last weekend. We did manage to squeeze in a Braves game, because one of my friends gave me free tickets, which included free food. Boom!

We were laughing that we haven't been back to a Braves game since last summer, when we had the same free tickets. We spent most of it talking about a job offer I'd just received in Africa, instead of watching. How different our lives would be today had I taken it! It made me so grateful for what God is doing in my life right here in this sweet city. Sometimes, we have to go to faraway places for big adventures. Other times, they're right in our own backyard.

As we wrap up all this free dating, I'm shocked to see how much is still unfinished on the list we made.  I also feel (probably too) proud we survived the lack of coffee dates. And I ca-n-n-ot wait to get dressed up for a date night soon. A night on your porch just ain't the same as a night on the town!

For a little Friday thinking, I saw this question posed recently and thought I'd share:

If you had one million in your bank account, how would you answer these questions?

1 place to visit: Greece! Or Bora Bora. I think I need two :)

1 thing to do before you die (a memory of a lifetime): Ride an elephant. I've been itching to do this for years and had some weird idea I'd get to do it in Africa. It's on my bucket list!

1 thing to do daily: Say thank you. And I love you. More & more.  You never regret it.

1 thing to do weekly: Have a dance party in lieu of typical exercise. You never regret that, either.

1 thing you’ve always wanted to learn: How to be an awesome photographer.

How would you answer? Have a great weekend!