Five Facts from a Guy {about girls} #3

Hey, Friday friendy fries! I'm back this week with Five Facts from a Guy #3. Enjoy below from my sweet brother, Duke! Have a wonderful weekend!

Duke, Sam and me the first weekend they moved to Atlanta!

1. Be confident in yourself. Guys love girls who are comfortable and confident in who they are. That doesn’t mean you have to have every aspect of your life figured out (because guys definitely don’t either). But having an awareness of where you are in life and the confidence to fully enjoy and appreciate the present is truly attractive!

2. Don’t let us be your everything. It is so easy for a relationship to become an idol that we center our lives around. This can lead to impossible expectations that neither person can ever live up to. Enjoy your relationship. Even LOVE it! Just don’t let it be your only reason for waking up each morning! You can best serve a guy by serving God first. Everything else will follow!

3. Keep your eyes open to the good and the bad. No relationship is perfect. Guys understand this! Let us know if something is bothering you and how we can better serve you. However, we also like to receive compliments and talk about the good aspects of our relationship. A relationship will flourish if we have an understanding of what does work and where we may need to work a bit more intentionally. So next time you want to discuss something that is driving you crazy, try a compliment sandwich! We will feel appreciated and more receptive.

4. Be emotional because guys are too. There is a reason why guys don’t watch The Notebook. It. Will. Make. Us. Cry. If a guy says he is not emotional or doesn’t “feel in that way,” he may not be in touch with his emotional triggers. Everyone has the capability to feel sadness, happiness, anger, fear, and the myriad of emotions in between. And your willingness to be emotionally vulnerable will help us feel comfortable to do the same. So next time a guy says no to watching a Nicholas Sparks movie, just know that the reason is more than us not liking chick flicks.

5. A guy can best see your beauty when you see it in yourself. Girls, we want you to know that you are beautiful. Inside and out. And we want you to own it. You are beautiful with or without a guy telling you so. True beauty comes from your confidence in your own character and your faithfulness to God. From that comes our perception of your external beauty.  And you realizing your own beauty is the most beautiful thing about you.