Five Facts from a Guy {for girls preparing for marriage} #5

Happy Fourth of July weekend Friday, my friends!

I'm at a lake house in south Georgia today, hopefully sipping coffee in a kayak right about now :)

Here to check in with you is my other, also wonderful, brother-in-law, Jose. His post is for all you engaged girls out there, as well as anyone who wants to prepare her heart for marriage. It's never too soon to plan ahead, nahmean?

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{Jose is married to my sister, Ashley. Together they have three adorable boys. I loved reading his post and envisioning Ashley and Jose's relationship. I can see his advice play out so positively between them. Nothing feels better than knowing your sister is in good, thoughtful hands.}

1. Dress modestly in front of my family. I love it when my wife wears attractive clothing because it boosts my ego—I’m proud of my wife’s cute figure. But, that’s not something I want her to flaunt around my family. I don’t want to have to defend her character based on incorrect assumptions. So, when it comes to family affairs, go ahead and dress like Mary Poppins. Remember, his mother grew up in a different generation than you did.

2. Learn how to make one or two good meals. A man really appreciates the work and energy that goes into a home-cooked meal. It even feels like a luxury. I’m so thankful for a meal and I have no qualms about doing all the clean-up. When I can invite family or friends over for a meal, I feel that is one of highest honors I can extend to them. Hospitality is undervalued in our fast-paced society, but a true extension of it leaves a lasting impression.

3. Enjoy life. On our first date, I was most attracted to Ash’s smile and laugh. Although she’s a very attractive woman, that was the thing that sealed the deal. The smiles and laughter revealed that I was dating a joyful person. And, who doesn’t want to be married to a happy wife?!

4. Invest in relationships with your future in-laws. This will pay dividends for years to come. Remember when you marry him, you’re also marrying his family. Grow the relationship and you’ll ultimately strengthen your bond with him. His family will always have some influence on your lives and his decisions. And, when you make decisions that are contrary to what your in-laws want, you have the relationship to stand on.

5. Set your work and family life priorities ahead of time. Not everything can be a priority. When I got married, Ash was a full-time school teacher and she was good at it. She also became a full-time wife and she was good at it. When we had children, we had to prioritize because we had more than we could juggle. So Ash chose to transition to the roles of mother and wife, and she is good at both of them. Not everything can be your top priority and it's important that you and your future spouse identify where you both want to invest your time and energy as you grow in your relationship, jobs, hobbies and begin to have children.