Five Facts from a Guy #11 {about dating}

Happiest of Fridays, readerfriends! Today's Five Facts from a Guy comes from my old friend, Ben. He and I go way back to middle school and high school, but he moved to Atlanta a few years ago for his medical residency. We've become good friends again since then!

Ben and I often have different perspectives on things, so I was excited to hear his view on the early days of dating. Below he shares shares the wisdom he's learned from his days on the scene. Enjoy!

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1.  The guy you are dating, without a doubt, thinks you are beautiful.  Own it!  Stop worrying about your height, weight, makeup, and clothes because guys don't really care about those things! Believe me you look just as good in a sundress as you do in jeans and a t-shirt (or wearing pajamas with wet hair for that matter).  Dress the way you like and the way that makes you feel good.  And if you don't feel good about your body (we have all been there), carpe diem! Take charge of your body and happiness. Guys find confidence most attractive, so do the things you need to do to feel that way.

2.  Time apart is good for both of us. This is a recurring theme among the Five Facts from a Guy posts. That is because it is really important.  Maintain your friendships and keep doing the activities that made me interested in you in the first place.  I'll go on run or hang with my friends in the meantime.  And please don't cancel plans with your friends and family to spend time with a significant other watching Breaking Bad.  Your other relationships will dwindle and you will begin to feel desperate to spend time with your significant other.

3. An inability to detach from your phone irritates us. I know I'm 30 going on 53 on this one, but please detach from your smartphone, your smartwatch, and the rest of your smartdevices for just a couple of hours so that we can enjoy the wine and tapas.  I get it, you have a very active twitter account, instagram account, snapchat account, pinterest account, facebook account, and you have gotten 10 texts from your girlfriends plus two work-related emails. We are interested in spending quality time with you and it annoys us to look across the table at someone that is completely disengaged.

4. You hold the trump card of physical intimacy! So ladies, don't give it up on the first date! Every guy wants to get physical. It's how we are wired. You'll save a lot of heartache to wait until you are in a committed relationship. Hold out until you have the level of commitment you want and you'll quickly find out if he is interested in you and being an important part of your life.  It may sound crazy but soon enough it will be him bringing up the DTR talk (defining the relationship).

5.  There are good guys out there. You never know where you can meet somebody. Maybe online, maybe at the grocery store. So don't sweat it  if your relationships don't play out as you expected.  If you are honest and true to yourself, you'll find the guy you are looking for.