the next best thing

A practice I've been trying to employ this fall has been to focus only on the next best thing. I heard Glennon Doyle Melton talk about this concept in her OWNShow Podcasts and found so much contentment in it.

You see, as I've gotten older, I've found that I can get overwhelmed if I think about too many steps ahead. If I start to calculate when we'll buy a house and have kids and try a new city and have this adventure and that new job, it can be so discouraging. It can feel like the timeline doesn't add up and it's out of my control.  

So, recently, I've focused on thinking about what I can do next. And that's it.

Today, I can plan our wedding and figure out where we're going to live when we get back from our honeymoon. I can focus on my job and my coaching practice.

I don't need to worry about when we'll have tiny Saxons or buy a house with a yard.

Those are things I can dream about. But I need not let them overwhelm me.

If my 20s have taught me anything (which they certainly have), it's that we are not in control. The plans we have laid for ourselves are worth noting, but the plans God will deliver for us will be much better. His vision is greater than ours and He can see much further than us. 

Today, I'm focused on resting in the now and finding joy in the process. And, the more I do that, the more grateful I feel that it's October 7 and I'm exactly where I need to be.