advice to someone one year younger

Last week I watched (via Cup of Jo) this awesome video: How to Age Gracefully; Advice from Someone One Year Older. It brought tears to my eyes as the people in it aged and shared wisdom to those younger than them. 

It got me thinking about things I didn't know when I was younger. Not because someone forgot to teach me or because I was clueless (*I mean, I probably was that, too), but because there are certain situations in life when only time can teach us what we need to know. 

I reflected on the last decade or so, and here are the things I wish I'd known:

Dear 16 year old: You are really, really lovely. You might not always think it but, it's true. If you forget it, ask your mom. 

Dear 18 year old: College is going to be really fun. But it's also going to be harder, emotionally, than people might tell you. Don't worry, you will adjust.

Dear 20 year old: I know you thought you were going to marry him, but, I promise, there is someone better. First love doesn't mean last love. 

Dear 22 year old: A bajillion things are going to change in your life over the next six years. Enjoy them. Embrace them. You will look back and be so grateful that life isn't the same at 28 as it was at 22. (Even if life feels awesome today.)

Dear 24 year old: 25 is not old. Seriously. It's not. 

Dear 26 year old: Not all your friends are married. I know it feels that way. But you're not getting left behind. Just taking a road less traveled. Enjoy it. 

Dear 28 year old: 30 is still two years away. Don't think too much about it. Just keep doing you.