hello, wednesday

In June, I mentioned I had (1) big news, (2) a new coaching site coming and (3) a new blog design coming. Contrary to my total radio silence, I wasn't lying. Promise!

Here's the deal: (1) I still have big news, but I am also still working on a few details, so I'm not ready to share. (2) I also still am working on a new coaching site but I'm doing it myself, and it has been harder than I anticipated to find periphery hours to get it looking the way I want it to. (3) My new blog design is UP! 

This house may have a few creaks during the next few days - I am still learning SquareSpace blogging functionality and my blog had a bajillion add-ons, so some things aren't working just yet. But thank you for your patience while we sort it all out!

I also wanted to give a ginormously huge thank you to everyone who took my survey last week. The response rate was super high and I am so thankful you took the time to answer my questions! As expected, what you all like varies greatly, which makes sense since my blog tends to tackle a wide variety of topics. It sort of works like my brain - lots of things I wonder about, think about and love are constantly running through my head. And, this is where they turn up on paper! 

So, happiest Wednesday to you all!