What Do You Need to Hear Five Weeks from Today?

Hi, pals! I sent this email out this week to the Sometimes, Always, Never email list. I thought I'd share it here, too. If you want this email to come smokin hot into your inbox, you can sign up for them here :) Happy reads!

Just for a moment, imagine that today is December 20.

You're sitting in a coffee shop, surrounded by the smell of cinnamon and holiday blends. You're listening to music, tapping your foot and finishing up last minute Christmas shopping. 

On December 20, exactly five weeks from today, what do you need to hear?

What news are you waiting for? What leap are you hesitant to take? What would you want to pop into your inbox as sip your latte on December 20? 

Perhaps it's that you got the job (or quit the job?)
Booked the flight
Pitched an idea at work
Finally walked away from that bad relationship
Perhaps it's that you rocked the GMAT and can apply to business school

Or maybe, it's something that would seem small to me, but is important to you. Maybe you finally said I'm sorry to a friend who needs to hear it - starting the journey of healing your insides. Maybe you finally threw away his sweatshirt, confirming that it is really, actually over.

On December 20, do you want to hear that you broke free from the chains of perfectionism with a small step - a day off from exercise, eating carbs or throwing away the scale? Do you want to hear that you finally stopped hustling for your worth with an overly crazy schedule? That you finally gave yourself breathing room and white space?

Five weeks is a long time

To those of you who are trudging through life today, who feel like it's a monotonous cycle, like your goals are so far out of reach that they seem impossible to fathom: I get itI hear you. I have been there.

But five weeks is a long time. 

Five weeks ago, The Letter Project was just an idea, a little baby vision that sat inside my head, afraid of the light. And last night, we signed up our 200th volunteer. 208, in fact! 208 women around the world who are spending their time writing letters to girls who need extra love. As I laid in bed last night, realizing it had been less than five weeks since launch, I realized I wanted to share this with Sometimes, Always, Never readers.

Because, friends, I'm not special. This isn't unique to me

Five weeks is a long time to make something happen. Write it down today: what do you want to hear on December 20? Put it on your mirror, in your planner, on your steering wheel. And then, when you want to go back to him, get back on the scale or feel afraid to sign up for the GMAT, look at it. And remind yourself that five weeks is a long time to take a small step toward a big dream. 

I believe in you,