Little Things That Bring Me Big Joy

One of the unexpected joys of budgeting (that sounds like an oxymoron ;)!), is that I'm more grateful for little luxuries. There was once a time when getting dinner at Whole Foods was just Tuesday night. Now, if we find ourselves there, Chris and I are both giddy.

With that in mind, there are a few things that I'm pretty much obsessed with this month. Are they anything crazy? Nah. But they make me happy most every day. And that's something!


Five Things I'm Loving This Month

  1. My Hydro Flask // I reallllly hesitated as to whether or not I wanted this, since it isn't dishwasher safe and is at a high price point. But, I asked for it for Christmas and haven't regretted it once. 

    I have the 32 oz. white bottle with the Sport Cap and it's what my water bottle dreams are made of. It doesn't sweat, keeps it super cold (my ice didn't melt in a 98-degree yoga class!) and has a finger hook on the lid. Since the lids are dishwasher safe, it hasn't been as much of a pain as I expected to hand wash the bottle. 

    If you're a water bottle connoisseur, I highly recommend considering it. I'd offer to let you borrow mine, but, I honestly don't want to spend a day apart from it.  
  2. Eleanor & Park I know, I know. Why won't I stop talking about this book? (But seriously.) It brought me so much joy this month. It's just a really happy read and I looked forward to it every night. I have been looking for a book like this for a while and tried a lot of duds along the way. When I find a good fiction read, I can't stop talking about it. 
  3. Avocado toast // I've been topping GF bread with mustard and hummus, then sprinkling chia seeds, Pepperman and salt on top. After that, I top it with avocado and (sometimes) cucumber or a hard boiled egg, depending on my hunger. OMG. It's unreal good. 
  4. My Electric Milk Frother // Another Christmas gift! And yes, I am totally obsessed with the liquids I consume each day :) My brother-in-law got me this (I have the Verismo!) and I absolutely love it. I normally start my day with a black cup of coffee, then, about an hour later when it's halfway gone and cold, I steam some almond milk and add it in to warm it back up. It feels so indulgent. 
  5. Yoga with Adriene // I've been nursing a foot injury this month, so I've been doing a lot of Adriene's recovery videos. My favorite is her sciatica video. The other day, I did a Vinyasa video outside while the sun rose and was like, ah, this is a dream January morning. I felt so grateful and excited as I started the day. 
  6. (Bonus!) ChatBooks // I just started using ChatBooks! I don't print from my Instagram - I use my photo favorites. I am using it to make wedding and honeymoon albums, instead of making them manually. I'm super pumped about them! It is SUCH an easy way to catalogue my memories without much effort and in an organized fashion. (You can get your first book free with my referral code!) 

So that's what I'm enjoying this month! What are your little loves? I want to hear what you're digging :)