My Morning Routine

For six years, my morning routine was the same every single workday. I'd get up at the same time, be in the gym at the same time, call my parents while commuting at the same time, eat breakfast at my desk at the same time...

Does that sound like torture to you? As my friend Robyn aptly pointed outyou might be an ENFP :) I didn't think twice about the monotony of it - the predictable structure was soothing. I liked seeing the same cars on the road and the same people in the gym. I've heard babies do really well with a strict schedule and, as it turns out, I am not all that different than an eight month old.

And then! When I left my job in August, everything changed. Suddenly, I could get up whenever I wanted, was no longer commuting and didn't have to pack a lunch anymore (big win!). For many people, that kind of autonomy would be empowering. However, the lack of structure was unsettling at first, making me feel a little off kilter

It took me a while to find the right rhythm to start my new day, but once I finally did, it felt amazing. So, here's what a typical morning around here looks like now that I'm self-employed.


At 5:30 a.m. Alexa wakes us up with her melodious tunes.

When I first quit my job, my sleep schedule varied a lot - because it could, yo! :) But, I've found that sticking to a schedule helps me fall asleep more easily.  If I haven't slept much the night before, I try to give myself the grace to sleep a little later. (#IntuitiveSleeping!).

Once we're up, we make the bed while simultaneously brushing our teeth. It probably slows us down to make the bed with one hand, but, why mess with a good thing, nahmean? It's crucial that I brush my teeth + wash my face + put on a bra first thing. Otherwise, it feels like the day has not begun! Lately I've been alternating BeautyCounter face wash or Batty's Bath Soap Free Cleanser. They both smell like a dream!

After that, I grab a handful of walnuts (not kidding) and then we both start our quiet time. For me, this consists of journaling, praying, reading my bible aaaand drinking as much water as possible. I make it my goal to drink 32 oz. before I switch to coffee. 


7:30 a.m. work begins!

After quiet time, I start working for the day. I always start by plowing through my inbox while listening to worship music. After that, what I work on varies from day to day.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are for blogging, coaching and administrative work. I try to have a writing day each week, during which I write as many posts as possible and neglect my phone, inbox, etc. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my days are dedicated fully to The Letter Project. This includes reading and sorting letters, compiling bundles, sending new requests, updating the website, etc.

8 a.m. breakfast, yeah!

About 30 minutes after I start working, I realize I am STARVING. Most days, I make oats while talking to my parents on the phone. My favorite recipe is oats + almond milk, a dash of salt and cinnamon. After it's mixed, I stir in chia and collagen. Then, I add walnuts and frozen mango. It's amazing! 

I try not to work while I eat my breakfast, but on busy days, that feels impossible. If I'm really itching to work while I eat, I try to do a task that allows me to appreciate the food, so I don't just pound the oats and then forget that I ate 10 minutes later. Mindfulness, you could say :) 


8:30 a.m. make COFFFEEE

I always finish my breakfast before I drink coffee. Otherwise, I'd just drink a billion cups of coffee all morning and wind up super jittery. When my first or second cup of coffee is halfway gone and cold, I steam some almond milk to add to it. I try to keep it to one or two cups in the morning and one after lunch, which may sound like a lot to you, but feels very disciplined to me. :) Also, it's a small mug, I promise!

About half of the time, Chris is here in the morning (he's client based and doesn't have an office). Not talking to each other requires a lot of discipline, so we're often both wearing our headphones like dweebs! 


After I eat, I really settle in to the workday. Whether it's blogging or bundling letters, I try to put my phone in a different room so it doesn't distract me. It helps my headspace - especially while blogging - not to multitask. 

10 a.m. check email (again!)

I batch my email in the morning, at 10 and at 2. Otherwise, I could respond to it all day - especially Letter Project emails! Having set hours to check it helps me stay focused and keeps me from getting anxious.

I also typically have a snack around this time. It might be a protein ball, apple with peanut butter or avocado toast, depending on what my workout will be that day.

(that post workout glow, baby!)

(that post workout glow, baby!)

10:30 a.m. workout time

Around 10:30 a.m., after my food is fully digested and caffeine is pulsing through my veins, I start to get antsy. I typically head to the gym, workout outside or do yoga around this time.

And then, before I know it, it's time for lunch! :)

Your turn! What does your morning routine look like? Any of you magical people out there who don't drink coffee?