Discounted Coaching Sessions (because people need people)

I'm sitting in our dining room (AKA the office), sipping coffee and marveling at a 50-degree January morning. People keep saying snow is coming, but it doesn't feel like it. Oh, winter, you sneak, you. 

I say, a lot, to Chris and my mom and whoever will listen, that I think everybody needs therapy or coaching. All people. Because this world is hard and things tend to stick a little bit more as we get older. People need people to talk to.  Why live in silos, I wonder as I work at a table beside Chris and my brother. I need people, at least this much is clear. 

People need people. So what stops us from seeking counsel?  For me, the biggest barrier is money. Therapy is expensive!


As I thought about this, I decided I wanted to make my coaching sessions more accessible for more 20-somethings. So, this month, I'm offering deeply discounted sessions. I feel convicted that there are probably a lot of you that have a few things on your mind, but price is a barrier to entry for booking. 

With that in mind, any sessions booked and completed in January will be $45 instead of $75. It's a new year and I think we all deserve to have a fresh start - price need not slow us down when it comes to making big decisions. 

You can book a session here or email me with questions. 

Happy Friday!