If things have seemed a little quiet around here lately, it's because we've been keeping a big secret in our house. And whenever I'm keeping a secret in my personal life, I find it hard to think of anything else to share on my blog. I feel like I'm lying to y'all!

So, now, I can finally tell you. 

Chris and I are absolutely overjoyed to share that we are expecting our first baby in May. It feels just unreal to share the news - we are so, so thrilled! Over the moon! It feels like the biggest blessing and I cannot stop smiling. 

We actually just stumbled upon these baby balloons :) thought we'd snag a pic!

We actually just stumbled upon these baby balloons :) thought we'd snag a pic!

We just had our 13-week ultrasound and the babe's heartbeat is so fast! It was 177 at 8 weeks and 168 at 13. Grow, baby grow! During the ultrasound, it had its little ankles crossed, which makes me think it is already more proper than me! :) Must be a southerner like Chris. 


In the beginning, I struggled a lot with worrying something bad was going to happen - that this was too good to be true. As the weeks go by, I'm trying to turn my worry into prayer and settle into this season with greater trust. After all, I've heard that once you have the babe, it can feel like a lifetime of worrying if you let it. 

As absolutely thrilled as we are, I also recognize that this is a sensitive topic. I know there are so many women yearning for a baby - or a boyfriend or husband - and I want to approach this season on my blog with utmost sensitivity. I understand how deeply you can long for a baby, and how very far out of reach it can feel at times. I know that ache on a personal level and hope this still feels like a safe space for you, because I really value each of you as readers.

Thank you so much for sharing in our joy!