You Are Never a Failure


I fell off the blog wagon (the blagon?). Life got so busy between our move, The Day of the Girl events and fundraiser and so many other things, I just stopped blogging. I haven't missed a day since I quit my job (even while we were in Kenya!) and, as the first day went by, I felt like a total failure. Each day passed and it kept feeling more and more impossible to pull a post together. 

The entire experience reminded me of three things:

  • You (a human) are never a failure. Even on the days when it feels like we're failing at everything, we are whole. We are alive. We are worthy of the space we take up on this earth. Our output does not dictate our worth - whether it's blogging, our job, exercise, what we eat, etc. We are worthy of love and belonging on good days and horrible days and all of the days in between.
  • Grace is everything. So, today you didn't do what you said you'd do? Your to do list is 100 miles long and you can't get a handle on it? That's OK. Take a deep breath. Trust that you are doing your very best. Organize your purse. Make a plan for tomorrow. Let today be enough. Make like Elsa and let it go.
  • You can always begin again. So you haven't blogged in a month? Or exercised in a year? You haven't called your old best friend and now the days that have passed feel like an insurmountable cavern? They're not. Take a baby step. Write a short post. Go for a one mile run. Send her a text to tell her you miss her. Take the little step that will help you begin the long journey ahead.

Amid my very own mess and chaos,