My Favorite Holiday Things

I recently read that Joanna Gaines throws a Favorite Things party each year, which sounded really fun + like a nice nod to our future president Oprah. :) She sets a price limit, invites four friends and they all bring four of the same gift. So every guest leaves with four awesome things, all around the same price point. 

We don't actually have quite enough friends in Charlottesville yet to throw a party (all in time, all in time!), but Joanna got me thinking about what would make my list of Favorite Things this season. Here's what I'd consider bringing as my gift: 

No affiliate links used in this post. I just love these things and want you to love them, too!


$10 to $20: Elewraps: A few weeks ago on Instagram, I did a survey asking how many people accidentally accuse their significant other of stealing their Apple headphones and more than 80% of you said YEP. I then learned that a friend from high school recently launched Elewraps, which are headphone and charger cord covers. They reduce tangling and help you identify which ones are yours. I gave them a shot and am officially hooked. Definitely going to be a stocking stuffer!

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.41.27 AM.png

$10 to $20: Mermaid Kisses Shore Soap: I love this body wash! It is sulfate & paraben free and smells wonderful. My aunt introduced me to it and I'm so thankful she did! My skin gets so dry in the winter and it's important that I try to lock in moisturizer wherever I can. This helps reduce dryness, your highness! 


$20 to $25: Face Halo: OK. This is going to sound really bold, but that is my intent. The Face Halo is changing my life. It's the most effective makeup remover I've ever used, is chemical free (you just use water!), is cheaper than wipes and reduces waste. I'm in love. It lasts for 200 face washes and you can throw it in the washing machine. You can learn more about it from Callie's post


$20 to $25: Magnolia Sugared Birch Candle: Christmas in a cup, my friends! This candle smells wonderful. If we had already moved into our house, I'd absolutely be buying it to burn all season. 


$25 to $50Goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub: In full disclosure, the amazing team at Goldfaden sent giveaways for The Letter Project's Day of the Girl events, so I got to try this for free. And I am totally hooked. It's the most brightening exfoliator I've ever tried. I'm itching to try their lotions and gentle cleansers. They'd make an awesome gift for a beauty-savvy friend. All of their products are approved for pregnancy and breast feeding moms, too. (Click here for 20% off!)

What are you favorite things this holiday season? I'd love to hear! Happy Cyber Monday!