5 Things I'm Loving Today

1. A recent sermon series from The Village Church about marriage. It is so convicting and well done! It really normalizes hard parts of marriage and encourages you to appreciate your spouse. Listen here: part 1, part 2, part 3.

2. Locked up Abroad: a podcast about people who were held as prisoners in foreign countries. It is so good! I'm obsessed. 

3. This gingham shirt from Anthro. I got it on sale and am in love! It's much cuter in person (: I'm loving the gingham trend. So sweet and summery!

4. This song by Jason Derulo. OBSESSED. Am I a child? Maybe, maybe. It's such a good jam! 

5. My library card.  Every time I check out new books, I am so happy they're free! I don't know why I spent most of my 20s buying books. The library = Amazon OG.