3-Month Baby Products

The thing about itty bitty babes is that they change so quickly. While we couldn't have imagined life without The Shusher (app!) a few weeks ago, we've since retired it. Now Mac is just a sound-machine-loving babe. :)

At three months, here are our favorite products. 


1. Woolino Baby Sleep Sack // We transitioned him from the swaddle to the sleep sack when he moved to his crib. He was kicking out of the swaddle so much that he had scrapes on the back of his legs. He loves this sleep sack! It's made for four-seasons and should last until he's two. It is worth every penny!

2. Motorola Baby Monitor // I never thought we'd transition him to his crib so soon, but he was ready by 9 weeks. When we did it, I cried standing over his empty bassinet in our room. Then I cried thinking about someday taking him to college and standing over his empty bed in his room. But, I digress. I use this monitor to stalk him while he sleeps :) The picture is so clear. I love it. 

3. Little Unicorn Crib Sheets // I absolutely love these sheets. They're so pretty, soft and wash well. We have a changing pad cover from them, too, and love it. It has pots on it. It's happy. 

4. bumGenius freetime diapers // I didn't start cloth diapers until Mac was sleeping through the night. As my sister said: when you aren't sleeping, there's no need to be doing extra laundry. We absolutely love them! They're so cute, easy to use and not a pain to wash. I think he's sleeping better at night in them, too. 


5. Qeepsake // This app is amazing. It texts you one question about your baby each day. You answer + add a photo. You can print it any time. It's a textable baby book! It is wonderful. I have the Emily Ley baby book, which I love. But it's so nice to have daily thoughts captured - the little things that you might not think to write down. It is such an easy way to watch them grow and change. I love scrolling through the old posts and can't wait to print it.

6. Culturelle Baby Calm Probiotic // McCoy had a tough tummy for a while there. We added a probiotic to his daily routine and it has helped so much. Honestly, he may have just grown out of that gassy phase, but, he also loves the taste of it and probiotics are good for us all :) 

7. Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym // Let me be honest: I almost didn't register for this because I wanted the much-more-muted Anthropologie version. It fit my home motif a bit more! But my sister convinced me to register for this and I'm so glad she did. McCoy LOVES it. He just laughs and smiles as he stares at it. It's his favorite time of day. Sure it's more colorful than I'd select for my living room, but it's worth it for how much he loves it. 

8. BOB Jogging Stroller // Absolutely love, love this stroller. 


9. BABYBJORN Bouncer // McCoy loves to play in this bouncer! It's the perfect activity to help stretch him when he's not ready for a nap yet, but getting sleepy. 

10. Netflix // :) You spend a lot more time at home once your baby has a bedtime. I'm thankful for good shows, a comfy couch and Halo Top ice cream!