A Playful Weekend & a Things I'm Loving Today

Friday, Friday, Friday! Happy day! I'm so glad it's here. 

This weekend, we are celebrating both my brother's and my mom's birthdays. I can't wait to give them that good birthday loving. 

Chris and I have been grinding a little too much lately. Every minute has been jam packed with work, or getting the house finished from the renovation, preparing for the baby, etc. Honestly, we have not been good about remembering to play or relax. We realized this week that it's been too long since we have spent alone time together without to do lists or computers or goals. Seasons like this are short, but we always notice they create emotional space between us. Which is not what we want just four weeks before my due date! 


That being said, we're taking back Sunday this weekend. After church we're going to eat a good lunch together and enjoy the Masters. I might bake, because that's one of my official forms of play. If it's nice outside (come on, spring!), we'll probably go for a walk. Maybe even have a dance party? We will see where the mood takes us!

I hope you have a fun, playful weekend, too! And, a few things I'm loving:

Brené Brown: The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting // Oh this is so good. So good. I will probably listen to this annually. I know (you know, everybody knows) we love Brené in the Saxon household, but I think this would be awesome for any expecting or existing parent. 

Our nursery rug // I really wanted a bright, geometric nursery rug. Normally I love subdued blues and whites and tans, but bright for the babe's room felt right. Beyond loving the price (!), I love that it seems like it's high quality in person. And, the way the thread runs makes it look like it's just been vacuumed all the time :) (Don't forget to order via Ebates to save another 2%, too. It adds up!)

Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People // OK I haven't read this yet, but I preordered it and am so excited! I went to Uganda with Bob Goff a few years ago and he's as awesome as his first book might suggest. I don't know what could be better than a book about loving people well. 

Joanna Goddard's post on throwing a really good party // A themed party? Always a win. An end time? Genius! Definitely going to employ these in the future.

You guys! // You have been such an amazing audience lately. From super thoughtful comments, to supporting The Letter Project and just being so very kind, I feel grateful and blessed to know/internet-know so many of you!

Have a great weekend!