Do The Thing You've Been Talking About Doing

I mentioned that in October, Chris and I got disappointing news. We'd held on to hope that something was going to happen this winter and it was taken away swiftly one afternoon. We were both sad, but, as I sat with it, I told Chris I felt like we'd been playing Twister. We'd been putting our hands on red and blue and our feet all the way across the board on green and yellow. We were tangled up, trying to touch all the dots on the board. 

When we got the news, I felt like God was saying: Hey guys, I've been asking you to put your hands and feet on green this whole time, but you're not trusting me. You don't believe that just green will be enough for you. 

I've noticed, lately, that we do this a lot in life. We try to do everything, all the time. We ignore it when we're being called to go all in on something, wondering if maybe, just maybe, we can hold on to everything at once.

It reminds me of when I knew God was asking me to take a break from dating, but I felt so scared. I tried to bargain, wondering if I could sort of take a break, but maybe sort of still be dating, too. 

But, I've learned that when we actually go all in on the thing we're being asked to do, the results are so much sweeter. When I finally quit dating, I met Chris. Was it hard? Yes! Was it scary? Oh yeah. But did I miss the red and blue dots on the Twister board once I finally put my hands on green? Not for a second. 

I don't know what you're being called to do today. Maybe it's at work, maybe it's time to finally get out of that bad relationship. I don't know what's tugging on your heart, leaving you feeling scattered and stretched too thin. But I do know that, every time I've listened to the quiet, inner voice, leading me toward something, I haven't regretted it. 

Image via  Bad Kitty Media

Image via Bad Kitty Media