New Mama Self-Care Kit

A friend came to meet Mac soon after he was born. She brought a small toy for him, which was so sweet. She also brought a little bag of goodies for me - chocolate, lavender, Tuck’s wipes. The goods! I realized in that moment that this was not her first rodeo. She knew how much a new mom needs help with a little self-care. 

When you’re a new mom you spend so much time caring for your baby. For as much as I heard about self-care being important, I had no idea how impossible it would feel those first few weeks. Finding time to eat, sleep and shower feels hard. Anything beyond the essentials goes out the window in the beginning. 

There are a few things I am either glad I had on-hand, or wish I'd had, when Mac was born. Here's what I'd tell a mom with a newborn to order before the baby arrives:


A nursing nightgown // Criteria: comfortable, nursing friendly and one that makes you feel relatively cute. I got this one from Gap and have loved it so much. I, personally, would not want something expensive because milk tends to stain. But, you do you! :) 

Herban Essentials: Essential Oil Wipes // These wipes are dreamy. Sometimes, you just need a little something special for yourself. Wipe your body down, breathe them in, do whatever you want. Just keep them for yourself :) 

A good water bottle // If you're nursing, you'll want one with a straw. It makes it so much easier to drink. I would drain my 32 oz. Hydro Flask each time McCoy fed. Nursing makes you so thirsty!

Netflix or Hulu // I think I watched 25 episodes of Nashville the first few weeks. Nursin and Nashvillin. Find a good show and prepare to watch!

Protein packed snacks // I loved grabbing handfuls of cashews or eating these Protein Balls, which I made the week before Mac was born. It's nice to have easy, grab-and-go snacks on hand. Other options would be Purely Elizabeth granola, Kind bars, etc. Anything that requires minimal preparation and can fill you up a bit will do. 

Nursing bras // I got these Seamless Nursing Bras and they've worked so well. They have held up with daily wear and four months worth of washes.

A good shampoo, body wash and lotion // During those first few weeks, it can feel like a 6-minute shower is the only moment you get alone. Treat yourself to delicious smelling body wash and shampoo. Follow your shower up with a nice lather. 

Spare phone charger by the couch // I think this one is self-explanatory :) 

A soft blanket // My temperature was so irregular during those early days. I'd be SO hot in shorts and a tank and then suddenly freezing. It was essential to have a nice blanket nearby to snuggle up as needed. 

Meal delivery // My friend Jordan said they used Freshly, which delivered cooked, healthy meals to their house. Heat them up and go! We loved our Meal Train and I think this would have helped, too!