babies on the go

Although I'm still far from the world of babies, sometimes I feel like I know a little bit more than the average girl my age, thanks to Courtney and Ashley

And while I certainly do not understand the woes of motherhood, I like to think of myself as empathetic, and at the very least, I understand that they experience challenges everyday that make my life look like a cinch.

From boogers to pouters to meltdowns, the world they're living in takes a touch more preparation and patience than my little world of one(ish) does.

So, I couldn't resist blogging about these on-the-go baby changing kits. While they may not yet be necessary in my life, they do fulfill a few of my favorite criteria: cute, efficient, easy to make, great for gifts, and color coordinated.
I'll just file it away for the day when baby bags replace purses and onesies are more thrilling than skirts and dresses.